Your plan, your way.

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Your Colors
Customize the colors for each planbook so that they are easily differentiated on the calendar.

Your Schedule
Choose from a variety of scheduling types and let Planbook Plus complete the calendar for you. 

Your Template
Create custom lesson element templates for each plan book and re-use them.

Your Specials
Create repeating specials to display in your calendar to show bus duty, Art, Music, etc. 

Your View
Filter your calendar and weekly planner to display the elements you want to see. 


Your Days Off
Add in your school's holidays to adjust your lessons plans. Bump a whole day or one lesson for scheduling changes.

Personalize Planbook Plus to fit your needs for planning. Customize the colors on your calendar and the elements of your lesson plan template. Planbook Plus provides flexibility in your scheduling for each planbook and also allows you to display your specials, prep periods and other repeating events on your calendar. 


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