Features Overview



Jumping into Planbook Plus is easy.  In minutes, our step-by-step, guided tours will help you organize your lessons. Quickly create a scope and sequence mapped to units. Efficiently add standards and lesson components. Organize your calendar by day and by week.


No other plan book can deliver more. Teacher and Student access thousands of ready-made lessons, units, courses and assessments.  Lessons are auto-graded and the grades are populated into the integrated gradebook.


Share plans with your students, colleagues and administrators.  You control exactly what is shared and when. Set-up student accounts to access your planbook and online lessons.


Your gradebook is automatically populated after setting up your students and rosters. Add your existing lesson plans to the integrated gradebook with the click of a button and track online lesson grades as well. 


Take control of your assessments. Easily create assessments utilizing our extensive item bank. Take advantage of auto-grading by assigning the assessments online.


Start with our flexible Lesson Plan Templates.  Personalize your plans to work for you.… your way. Easily manage A/B, weekday and rotating schedules. Choose your colors and set up your specials.